HockeyStack Review


What is HockeyStack?

A Look Inside HockeyStack

  • Track every single action on your website without cookies, and see a step-by-step view of the user journey
  • Alternative to: Hotjar
  • Get actionable insights with one click to increase your conversion rates
  • Best for: Marketers, e-commerce stores, and SaaS companies looking for actionable insights to make the most of site traffic

Get a step-by-step view of the user journey with every single action taken by the visitor.

Filter visitors by goals, sessions, and user properties like session duration, country, and referrer.

Get helpful session data in just two clicks. Click “See in Users,” and the dashboard automatically shows you the sessions of the visitors that belong to that segment.

Create visual funnels with a few clicks and get a look at where people drop off.

AppSumo Offer

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to HockeyStack Accelerate Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Accelerate Plan updates
  • Stack up to 4 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new HockeyStack users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • One-line integration
  • Site-wide analytics
  • Cookie-less tracking tech
  • Unlimited user queries
  • Unlimited custom action definitions
  • User exploration tab
  • Powerful filtering
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Visual funnels
  • Marketing campaign tracking
  • Full control over your data
  • Dark mode
  • Automatic click goals table
  • Add goals as funnel steps
  • Cross-domain tracking
HockeyStack AppSumo Pricing

Who is HockeyStack For?

  • Marketers
  • E-commerce Stores
  • SaaS Companies




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