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Turn your viewers into customers with interactive videos and adaptive content

Qiwio is a video marketing automation platform that uses interactive video elements like questions, CTA buttons, and forms for better engagement and conversions.

  • Host videos in Qiwio and add CTA buttons, video forms, and questions to engage viewers
  • Alternative to: Wistia
  • Create fully dynamic, interactive video funnels by changing the content the viewer sees based on their answers to video question
  • Best for: Video marketers and content creators who want to leverage video views into actual customers

Now you can use video funnels to create interactive content with ease, giving the viewer a truly unique and relevant experience.

Make sure people don’t switch tabs (or fall asleep) by asking them questions along the way.

You can also make the content more relevant by delivering specific video content based on their answers.

Want the viewer to join your email list or sign up for a webinar? Just use the video form to capture lead information before they leave the page.

Once you’ve added all the video engagement elements you want, you can distribute the video right from the Qiwio dashboard.

With just two clicks, you can embed your videos on your website or share on social media to get them in front of your fans and followers.

You’ll also be able to share a fully brandable link to the video within email or messenger apps to get more eyes on your content.

Once video leads start rolling in like pumpkin spice latte fans to a Starbucks in the fall, you can keep all your leads organized in Qiwio’s built-in CRM.

Get a breakdown of each lead’s activity and viewing timeline, including every question answered, every CTA clicked, and every form filled.

You can even integrate your favorite sales and marketing tools to give your entire team access to the powerful data provided.

Qiwio lets you host an unlimited amount of videos on its fast and secure hosting platform. (Just like Olive Garden, they really mean unlimited…)

Add your own logo and colors to the fast, lightweight HTML 5 video player to make it your own and provide a seamless experience for viewers.

Plus, you can manage your video content and campaigns from one place with Qiwio’s intuitive video management system.

Watching videos doesn’t have to be a passive experience, especially when you want people to take action. (We all clapped for Tinker Bell in Peter Pan, didn’t we?)

Qiwio gives you everything you need to add interactive elements to your videos, distribute the content across platforms, and gather lead information for your sales team.

So make sure your video campaigns are actually working for you.

Get lifetime access to Qiwio today!

  • Lifetime access to Qiwio Starter & Pro Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Starter & Pro Plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Qiwio users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Video call-to-action button
  • Video forms
  • Video questions
  • Video leads CRM
  • Social media integrations
  • Customizable video player
  • Zapier integration
Qiwio AppSumo Pricing
  • Video Marketers and Content Creators who want to leverage video views into actual customers

Qiwio is an online tool that can help you improve your conversion rates by adding video elements to your landing pages. While video is a growing trend among marketers, many businesses don’t have the resources to create their own videos. If you’re looking to increase your conversions, check out Qiwio at AppSumo and see how it will work for your business.



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